Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two more days and exams will be over. I am looking forward to the adventures Summer is going to bring, we have so much planned.

Soothing whispers of the ocean swell
calling me calling me

I'm trying to sleep but all I can see
is the shore thats calling me

The heat on my back the salt on my skin
they are what is calling me

The glistening wave gliding wild and free
thunderous break keeps calling me

The sun and the surf that melts to one
just one stop caling me

that magnificant break along the ocean quay
will never cease from calling me

What freedom. What pure and utter escape.


  1. Beautiful poem!! I think so many people through the generations have felt that "call" of the ocean.

    Thanks for putting the button on your blog--yay! :) To get it to fit, go back into Layout, click "Edit" where you've placed the button, click "Rich Text," click the button, and drag one of the corners to make it smaller.

  2. Thanks I was wandering how to make it fit..quite frustrating. I'm not very good with computers. I love your blog, it is such a fantastic idea