Thursday, November 20, 2008

The amazing world that is the mind
you never know what you may find
That dreamy nerd at the back of the class
Indifference makes you not ask

What is he thinking? Why care?
To make fun is why he's there
What a loser he does seem
Where is he going in that day dream?

I bet it's somewhere people are kind
Somewhere deep inside his mind
An amazing mind it must be
To make it so he cannot see

The taunts and tricks played on him
He stays content, so deep with

Lost he shall be forever more
No longer can he find the door
Now he's trapped, there he'll stay
He's floating further everyday

That was a poem I had published when I was 15 (Im not sure if they had blogs then). Anyway my last exam is tommorow morning so it's back to the books. I am a psychology student by the way, probably where all the mind pondering has lead me to.

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